A self-calibrating multicomponent force/torque measuring system

Marangoni, Rafael Ramos; Schleichert, Jan GND; Rahneberg, Ilko GND; Hilbrunner, Falko GND; Fröhlich, Thomas GND

A multi-component self-calibrating force and torque sensor is presented. In this system, the principle of a Kibble balance is adapted for the traceable force and torque measurement in three orthogonal directions. The system has two operating modes: the velocity mode and the force/torque sensing mode. In the velocity mode, the calibration of the sensor is performed, while in the force/torque sensing mode, forces and torques are measured by using the principle of the electromagnetic force compensation. Details about the system are provided, with the main components of the sensor and a description of the operational procedure. A prototype of the system is currently being implemented for measuring forces and torques in a range of ±2 N and ±0,1 Nm respectively. A maximal relative expanded measurement uncertainty (k=2) of 10·10-5 is expected for the force and torque measurements.


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