Investigations on motion deviations of an EMFC balance

Rogge, Norbert; Schleichert, Jan GND; Rothleitner, Christian GND

This paper will present experiments to identify the angular misalignment and displacement of the coil movement of a commercial electromagnetic force compensated balance (EMFC) relative to the ideal trajectory. For this purpose the mechanical stability of measurement set-up and the environmental characteristics have to be taken into account. Considering the mass distribution of the moved coil carrier, that is not necessarily symmetric relative to the motion path of the coil carrier, the spring constants regarding torques applied to the coil carrier are important to evaluate the utilized balance. The investigations are performed with different excitation frequencies to evaluate the influence of the resonance behavior of the balance mechanics and the limitations it causes for the usability of the balance. The measured deviations of the balance, planned to be used in the Planck-Balance set-up, depending on position and velocity of the coil will be shown and the effect of the observed deviations on the measurement uncertainty of the mass dissemination will be discussed.


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Rogge, Norbert / Schleichert, Jan / Rothleitner, Christian: Investigations on motion deviations of an EMFC balance. Ilmenau 2017.

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