The virtual weight

Günther, Ludwig; Rothleitner, Christian GND; Schleichert, Jan GND; Härtig, Frank GND

A virtual weight is a numerical representation of a physical mass weight, describing the metrological behavior under certain measurement conditions. Based on a Monte Carlo simulation, it considers all significant influence variables with their respective uncertainty distribution. For the virtual weight this includes the ambient conditions, the cleaning status, the form, and material properties of the weight. It distinguishes between random and systematic errors and can thus be used to correct a measurement result for the task-specific prevailing ambient conditions. The virtual weight is part of the so-called Planck-Balance, a self-calibrating precision balance for industrial applications, currently under development in a cooperation of the PTB and the TU-I. Enhanced with calibration data from a dedicated weight, the virtual weight becomes the digital twin of this specific weight. A first implementation of a digital twin of a mass weight has been set up as a demonstrator.


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Günther, Ludwig / Rothleitner, Christian / Schleichert, Jan / et al: The virtual weight. Ilmenau 2017.

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