Dissemination of the « Planck-Kilogram »

Metrologists all over the world are looking at the activities of the Metre Convention concerning the New International System of Units on the basis of fundamental constants. Especially the redefinition of the kilogram will have consequences in nearly all fields of physics, engineering and trade. A new definition of a base unit imperatively implies thoughts about the future dissemination of the unit. After a short glance at the potential of the Kibble(Watt)-Balance the presentation will describe the strategy of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt to use silicon spheres of different qualities for the dissemination of the quantum based kilogram to the macroscopic world. Beside metrological aims the availability of realisations is of crucial importance within a future dissemination chain. Aspects like the connection to the established system as an important aspect for acceptance, the applicability of the developed tools and procedures for using such spheres as mass standards or the current state of activities to proof the expected excellent long term characteristics of silicon spheres in use will be presented.


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