Dynamic alignment and calibration of linear axes

Rahneberg, Ilko GND; Dontsov, Denys GND; Langlotz, Enrico; Schott, Walter GND

Linear positioning axes are used as basic assemblies in a wide range of applications in manufacturing, and measurement technology, such as in machine tools and coordinate measuring machines. If linear axes are installed in machines and devices, the accuracy of the complete system is limited by the rotational and translatory deviations of the individual axes from the ideal linear path of motion. The highly accurate, dynamic detection of the guiding properties during mounting and alignment of these system components is consequently the key to achieving minimal positioning deviations of the assembled system. The presented devices for the alignment and calibration of linear axes are based on laser interferometric measuring methods. They enable highly accurate simultaneous measurements of linear position, pitch and yaw angles as well as a straightness component in one measurement run.


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Rahneberg, Ilko / Dontsov, Denys / Langlotz, Enrico / et al: Dynamic alignment and calibration of linear axes. Ilmenau 2017.

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