3D reconstruction and characterization of the porous microstructure of Al2O3-coatings based on surface data

The functionalities and properties of components strongly correlate to the used material’s structure and the microstructure of the surface. Therefore, by characterizing the structure of a material or surface information is indirectly gained on its properties. In this work porous aluminum oxide surface coatings for the usage of tribological pairings are investigated. The tribological behavior of a component is influenced by the surface structure. Further, in porous material the fluid flow strongly dependents on morphological and topological parameters like the pore size and shape and the pore connectivity. To gain meaningful information on the coatings properties, we present a new approach to obtain 3D measurement data of porous structures and reconstructing the porous material. This is implemented in an alternating process of milling the surface and measuring the surface data. Based on the surface height data and a registration process the three dimensional porous structure of the material is reconstructed


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