Automatic calibration system for micro-displacement devices

Shih, Hung-Ta; Wang, Yung-Cheng; Shyu, Lih-Horng; Tung, Pi-Cheng; Jywe, Wen-Yuh; Chen, Jia-Hong

With the industrial development and the advances in micro - displacement technology, the demands on piezo transducers are increasing. For piezo transducers, the error inspections of the non-linearity and the hysteresis are necessary procedure before piezo transducers utilized. Due to the possible decline or damage during the employment of the transducers, it is important to provide the automatic calibration system. In this investigation, a self-developed automatic calibration system for micro-displacement devices is proposed. The automatic system according to the international specification of ASTM-E2309 has been developed. This system designed for the calibration of piezo transducers is based on the interferometric structure of the common optical path and possesses the resolution of the nanometer order. The experimental verifications demonstrate that the repeatability of the Fabry-Perot interferometer is less than 11 nm. Experimental results of the synchronic measurement with the self-developed interferometer and a commercial interferometer reveal that the differences of the maximum nonlinearity error and maximum hysteresis error are less than 1%. With the proposed correct equations, the maximum non-linearity error can be minimized to 1% and the maximum hysteresis error will be less than 5.2%.


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