Optimization of computer-generated transmission holograms using different LED wavefront approximations

Karthaus, Daniela; Giehl, Markus; Sandfuchs, Oliver; Sinzinger, Stefan GND

The reconstruction of computer-generated transmission volume holograms with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) requires the adaptation of the holograms to the specific diodes' wavefronts. We show first results of the analysis of different LED wavefront approximations, including a new interferometry-based approach to measure an LED wavefront.



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Karthaus, D., Giehl, M., Sandfuchs, O., Sinzinger, S., DGaO-Jahrestagung, (Dresden), ., 2004. Optimization of computer-generated transmission hologramsusing different LED wavefront approximations. DGaO-Proceedings, DGaO-Proceedings 118, 2017, A8.
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