Dynamic model of weaving machine CAMEL including drives

Marek, Ondřej; Bílkovský, Aleš

The paper deals with the mathematical model of the weaving machine CAMEL dynamics. That machine consists of many moving parts (rotational and translational), belts, flexible elements and therefore it is fairly complex. CAMEL uses several servomotors working in electronic cam regime. It means that the angular velocity of the rotor is varying in time regarding the prescribed profile. Therefore the moment of inertia of rotating elements is really important parameter. It affects the dynamics and then torque requirements of the motor. The inertia of the rotor is very important too. Light-rotor motors have better dynamics. Existing mathematical model of the machine can help to choose the optimal drive of the machine. It also allows the selecting of the optimal displacement laws for different speeds (rpm) in order to decrease the effective torque which is proportional to the heating of servomotor.


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