Museumsdinge und Körpergeschichte : die Prothesen des Lehrers R.

Wellmann-Stühring, Annika

This article considers how museum objects can be used as sources to re-construct histories of the body. By focusing on two prostheses that had been used by a West German war invalid and are now kept in the collections of the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, it depicts how materiality and information on individual objects stimulate investigation and add to historicizing the body. It reconstructs how these prostheses were linked to ideas about the body, how they formed the body and which techniques of the body they prompted. seit jeher D


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Wellmann-Stühring, A., n.d. Museumsdinge und Körpergeschichte: die Prothesen des Lehrers R. Body Politics: Zeitschrift für Körpergeschichte, Body Politics: Zeitschrift für Körpergeschichte 3(2015), 329–344.
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