Mode macht Körper : wie sich Mode-Körper-Hybride materialisieren

Haller, Melanie

The key issue of this article is to show the interweaving of the materiality of fashion with concepts of bodies. From the point of view of a body sociologist and a tailor my first thesis reveal how body concepts are materialized in fashion/clothing, beyond wearing them. The materiality of fashion is produced by the measuring of bodies, the translation into cloth sizes and the implementation in patterns and fashioning of fashion/clothing. Hereby body concepts are implemented in fashion/clothing. This implemented body concepts in fashion/clothing encounter the fashion/clothing wearing bodies. So in reference to Barads concept of an agential realism my second thesis wants to imply how fashion-body-hybrids emerges.


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Haller, Melanie: Mode macht Körper. wie sich Mode-Körper-Hybride materialisieren.

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