Over-the-air testing of cognitive radio nodes in a virtual electromagnetic environment

Sharma, Rajesh Kumar; Kotterman, Wim; Landmann, Markus H. GND; Schirmer, Christopher; Schneider, Christian; Wollenschläger, Frank; Del Galdo, Giovanni GND; Hein, Matthias A. GND; Thomä, Reiner S. GND

This paper provides an overview of ongoing research in over-the-air (OTA) testing for next-generation communication and data transmission devices with special consideration of cognitive radio (CR). Existing state-of-the-art techniques and their merits and limitations are discussed. We identify the requirements and issues for the OTA test in a virtual electromagnetic environment (OTAinVEE) which needs to address the more complex scenario of future networks, where interference emulation becomes a highly challenging task. A complex interference scenario arises due to the attempt to simultaneously utilize several opportunity dimensions such as frequency, time, direction (space), and polarization, in a dynamic manner in a multiuser scenario. Although MIMO-OTA testing addresses many limitations of single antenna-conducted test systems, more dimensions and parameters to be addressed in the new scenarios imply further increase in cost and complexity. Closed-loop OTA test setups for CR evaluation are discussed along with an overview of other test scenarios.


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Sharma, Rajesh / Kotterman, Wim / Landmann, Markus / et al: Over-the-air testing of cognitive radio nodes in a virtual electromagnetic environment. Ilmenau 2016. ilmedia.

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