Goal model integration for tailoring product line development processes

Mansoor, Arfan; Streitferdt, Detlef GND; Hanif, Muhammad Kashif GND

Many companies rely on the promised benefits of product lines, targeting systems between fully custom made software and mass products. Such customized mass products account for a large number of applications automatically derived from a product line. This results in the special importance of product lines for companies with a large part of their product portfolio based on their product line. The success of product line development efforts is highly dependent on tailoring the development process. This paper presents an integrative model of influence factors to tailor product line development processes according to different project needs, organizational goals, individual goals of the developers or constraints of the environment. This model integrates goal models, SPEM models and requirements to tailor development processes.


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Mansoor, Arfan / Streitferdt, Detlef / Hanif, Muhammad: Goal model integration for tailoring product line development processes. Ilmenau 2016. ilmedia.

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