An imaging spectrometer employing tunable hyperchromatic microlenses

Cu-Nguyen, Phuong-Ha GND; Grewe, Adrian; Feßer, Patrik; Seifert, Andreas; Sinzinger, Stefan GND; Zappe, Hans GND

We present the design, fabrication and characterization of hydraulically-tunable hyperchromatic lenses for two-dimensional (2D) spectrally-resolved spectral imaging. These hyperchromatic lenses, consisting of a positive diffractive lens and a tunable concave lens, are designed to have a large longitudinal chromatic dispersion and thus axially separate the images of different wavelengths from each other. 2D objects of different wavelengths can consequently be imaged using the tunability of the lens system. Two hyperchromatic lens concepts are demonstrated and their spectral characteristics as well as their functionality in spectral imaging applications are shown.


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Cu-Nguyen, P.-H., Grewe, A., Feßer, P., Seifert, A., Sinzinger, S., Zappe, H., 2016. An imaging spectrometer employing tunable hyperchromatic microlenses. Light: Science & Applications, Light: Science & Applications 5, 2016, art,e16058.
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