Geometry-based channel modelling of MIMO channels in comparison with channel sounder measurements

Del Galdo, Giovanni GND; Haardt, Martin GND; Schneider, Christian

In this paper we propose a flexible geometrybased propagation model for wireless communications developed at Ilmenau University of Technology. The IlmProp comprises a geometrical representation of the environment surrounding the experiment and a precise representation of the transmitting and receiving antennas. The IlmProp is capable of simulating Multi-User MIMO scenarios and includes a complete collection of tools to analyze the synthetic channels. In order to assess the potentials as well as the limits of our channel simulator we reconstruct the scenario encountered in a recent measurement campaign at Ilmenau University of Technology leading to synthetic data sets similar to the ones actually measured. The measurements have been collected with the RUSK MIMO multi-dimensional channel sounder. From the comparisons of the two channel matrices it is possible to derive useful information to improve the model itself and to better understand the physical origins of small-scale fading. In particular the effects of the different parameters on the synthetic channel have been studied in order to assess the sensibility of the model. This analysis shows that the correct positioning of a small number of scatterers is enough to achieve frequency selectiveness as well as specific traits of the channel statistics. The size of the scattering clusters, the number of scatterers per cluster, and the Rician K-factor can be modified in order to tune the channel statistics at will. To obtain higher levels of time variance, moving scatterers or time dependent reflection coefficients must be introduced.


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Del Galdo, G., Haardt, M., Schneider, C., 2016. Geometry-based channel modelling of MIMO channels in comparison withchannel sounder measurements. Advances in radio science: Kleinheubacher Berichte, Advances in radio science: Kleinheubacher Berichte 2, 2004, 117–126.
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