School to work transition of students with disability in an inclusive context : the role of parents and school support

Moussa, Suheir

Integrating children with disabilities into regular schools is a very important topic for families and schools of the German society since about ten years. In Thuringia in 2003, primary schools started with integrating children with disabilities in ‘‘Gemeinsam Unterricht‘‘. These disabled children who experienced the inclusive kindergarten, the inclusive primary schools and the inclusive secondary schools are now about the end of the school career and try to prepare for the transition from school to work. While the knowledge about success of conditions of inclusive education is rich, there is a lack of information regarding the successful transition from schools to work of students with disability. The aim of the present dissertation was, thus, to find out how students with disability develop ideas about their future careers in an inclusive school setting. The focus was basically directed at the support of the parents, the teachers and the broader school context for the students with disabilities. Given that the disabled students are very unique individuals, the current research tried to focus on two cases of students with severe learning difficulties and explored how these students experienced school life, and how they were prepared by schools and by their parents for the life after schools. Qualitative interviews were, therefore, conducted with students with disabilities, their parents (i.e., mothers), and with teachers from an inclusive school. The results gave a very interesting insight about the conditions that support students with disabilities to develop ideas about their occupational future. The main finding of this research is that in the inclusive settings children with disabilities also solve the developmental task of career orientation like other children but that they are in a special need to receive the support of the parental context. Moreover, the results underscored the importance of making some improvement in the future to enable the subject teachers to create an inclusive educational context. Further improvement in the societal level was also identified to create an inclusive world of work that enables all individuals including those with disabilities to achieve effective transition from school to work and to get a productive employment.



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