Ist der Fußballer im Bilde? Körpergeschichte und Bildquellen

Eiben, Jörn GND

This article focuses the visual distribution of football-players' bodies in the German Kaiserreich between 1898 and 1907. It is not an appeal to historians, targeted to raise an awareness for visual sources, but a case study following two distinct aspects. The first aspect concerns the visual mediation of a certain knowledge about the body. This mediation will be analysed following the visual representations of the goalkeeper taking up the ball from four German handbooks on football. The second aspect is targeted at the coeval reception of football-players' bodies. In the Kaiserreich several critical and polemic essays were published, in which the (alleged) negative effects of football on the individual's body and mind were discussed. These ‘accusations‘ did not remain on textual level, but were also visually condensed. One of these, i.e. the caricature on the frontispiece of the most prominent polemic on football, which was modelled on a photograph depicting a certain, football-specific “technique of the body” (Mauss), will be analysed.


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Eiben, Jörn: Ist der Fußballer im Bilde? Körpergeschichte und Bildquellen. 2016.

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