Verqueerte Laufwege – Sport & Körper in Geschichtswissenschaften und Cultural Studies

Gunkel, Henriette; Stieglitz, Olaf

Starting with the observation that contemporary media coverage of sports events and athletes is clearly influenced by critical scholarship on the body in the humanities, this editorial outlines the different ways sporting bodies over the last decades have moved into the focus of scholarly attention in Sports History and in Cultural Studies. The authors argue that although trendsetting developments in Cultural Studies were adopted by historians only reluctantly and belatedly, the history of ‘bodies in motion’ has now flourished into a significant subfield of Sports History in general. In order to facilitate the ongoing dialogue between different academic traditions the editorial suggest three areas for further research from which Sports History might benefit in future: the integration of Queer Theories, an increased attention to cultural and technological borders of human bodies, and matters of doping. Finally the authors introduce the essays of this issue of Body Politics and underline their contributions to a history of ‘bodies in motion.’


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Gunkel, Henriette / Stieglitz, Olaf: Verqueerte Laufwege – Sport & Körper in Geschichtswissenschaften und Cultural Studies. 2016.

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