Recommendations for a general IT Service Catalogue structure

Nissen, Volker GND; Jung, Dominik; Petsch, Mathias GND; Präg, Claus-Peter

IT Service Catalogues (ITSCs) make an important contribution to the administration and distribution of IT products. It is often particularly difficult to draw up a structural concept of an IT Service Catalogue, as appropriate examples are scarce. In the future, advanced ITSCs will be especially important in attracting external customers. So, a practical structure for the ITSC is important. Different perspectives and approaches for structuring an ITSC can be found in the literature, but the total number of works on this topic is relatively small. This article combines an analysis of the literature with consultation of business experts to determine the requirements for ITSC structuring and to formulate a design proposal. This stands out due to several levels of description in combination with a view concept, through which opposing needs can be met. The proposal is illustrated by means of a case study.


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Nissen, Volker / Jung, Dominik / Petsch, Mathias / et al: Recommendations for a general IT Service Catalogue structure. 2015.

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