Mobile prototyping platforms for remote engineering applications

Henke, Karsten; Ostendorff, Steffen; Volkert, Thomas; Mitschele-Thiel, Andreas GND

This paper describes a low-cost mobile communication platform as a universal rapid-prototyping system, which is based on the Quadrocopter concept. At the Integrated Hardware and Software Systems Group at the Ilmenau University of Technology these mobile platforms are used to motivate bachelor and master students to study Computer Engineering sciences. This could be done by increasing their interest in technical issues, using this platform as integral part of a new ad-hoc lab to demonstrate different aspects in the area of Mobile Communication as well as universal rapid prototyping nodes to investigate different mechanisms for self-organized mobile communication systems within the International Graduate School on Mobile Communications. Beside the three fields of application, the paper describes the current architecture concept of the mobile prototyping platform as well as the chosen control mechanism and the assigned sensor systems to fulfill all the required tasks.


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Henke, Karsten / Ostendorff, Steffen / Volkert, Thomas / et al: Mobile prototyping platforms for remote engineering applications. 2015.

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