Rapid prototyping modules for remote engineering applications

Henke, Karsten; Wuttke, Heinz-Dietrich; Braune, Tobias

This contribution describes a concept for an integration of microcontroller- and FPGA-based Rapid Prototyping modules into a Remote Lab system and its implementation. The implementation enables a Web-based access to control electro-mechanical models. The electromechanical models can be controlled by different platforms (microcontroller or FPGA-based) Students have the possibility to test a designed control algorithm directly within a hardware environment by uploading a source file to the Remote Lab server. That way the students can compare architectures of different control-platforms as well as different design approaches to control electro-mechanical models. The paper starts with an introduction into the design process and describes the tool set, which is provided to the students. After that the different platforms and their integration in the Web-server are introduced. Finally we would like to give examples of such complex design tasks and show, how the students can use different tools during several design steps.


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Henke Dr.-Ing., K., Wuttke Dr.-Ing., H.-D., Braune, T., 2015. Rapid prototyping modules for remote engineering applications.
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