New insights into Polydehydroalanine : synthesis, characterization and potential applications

Günther, Ulrike GND

Herein, the synthesis, characterization and possible fields of application of a highly functionalized polymeric material are shown. The homopolymerization of the monomer 2-tert-butoxycarbonylaminomethacrylate (tBAMA) via different radical polymerization techniques is discussed. Due to the orthogonal protection of the functional groups the resulting materials should be selectively transformed into weak polyelectrolytes, a polycation – poly(2-tert-butoxycarbonylaminoacrylic acid) (PtBAA), a polyanion - poly(2-aminoacrylic acid methyl ester) (PAMA) or a polyzwitterion – polydehydroalanine (PDha). The complete deprotection of PtBAMA could result in a polyzwitterion with a high charge density and the location of opposite charges in close proximity along the polymeric backbone. Since functional polymeric materials, especially polyelectrolytes, have a wide field of applications several possible applications using PtBAMA and its derivatives are discussed. For instance, the formation of nanoparticles derived from PtBAMA via miniemulsion polymerization. The formed nanoparticles could be of interest concerning carrier systems, due to their functional groups. One other possibility to form defined particles is the preparation of IPECs. In this work, negatively charged PtBAA or PDha is mixed with P4VPq as the positive counterpart. Another important field of application is the prevention of non-specific protein interactions. Therefore, the production of films with tBAMA and subsequent polymerization and deprotection of these films are of great interest. Moreover, electrospinning of PtBAMA and its deprotection will be shown, as well as the formation of films using PDha. One possible application of polyelectrolytes is the biosensoric, more precise the formation of a depositing or protecting layer for different enzymes. The deposition and stability of the enzyme on the electrode are the crucial factors, which can be enhanced by using polyelectrolytes.


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Günther Dr. rer. nat., U., 2015. New insights into Polydehydroalanine: synthesis, characterization and potential applications.
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