Smartphone applications in the support of weight reduction and goal maintenance

Pahl, Christina; Zare, Mojtaba; Bordey, Leo; Haikal Satria, Muhammad; Supriyanto, Eko; Wen Hau, Yuan

The use of smartphones gets promoted in healthcare self-intervention setups. Its benefits include convenience, cost effectiveness and accessible weight management features among others. The aim of this study is to gather real-world smartphone application user data in order to analyse the efficiency of smartphone application features. This aim encloses applications for the reduction or maintenance of weight. Relevant members of online health communities were invited to participate in an online survey. The survey lasted for 6 weeks and received a total of 51 valid respondents. The analysis was divided into 2 groups, one group (n=29) had experience using a smartphone application in their weight management goal while another group did not use applications before (n=22). Among the application users, a significant BMI improvement was found (9.1%). We conclude that in our sample, the use of automatic weight control applications leads to a more healthy living style.


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Pahl, Christina / Zare, Mojtaba / Bordey, Leo / et al: Smartphone applications in the support of weight reduction and goal maintenance. 2015.

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