Quality of experience management for YouTube : clouds, FoG and the AquareYoum

Hoßfeld, Tobias; Liers, Florian; Schatz, Raimund; Staehle, Barbara; Staehle, Dirk; Volkert, Thomas; Wamser, Florian

Over the last decade, Quality of Experience (QoE) has become a new, central paradigm for understanding the quality of networks and services. In particular, the concept has attracted the interest of communication network and service providers, since being able to guarantee good QoE to customers provides an opportunity for differentiation. In this paper we investigate the potential as well as the implementation challenges of QoE management in the Internet. Using YouTube video streaming service as example, we discuss the different elements that are required for the realization of the paradigm-shift towards truly user-centric network orchestration. To this end, we elaborate QoE management requirements for two complementary network scenarios (wireless mesh Internet access networks vs. global Internet delivery) and provide a QoE model for YouTube taking into account impairments like stalling and initial delay. We present two YouTube QoE monitoring approaches operating on the network and the end user level. Finally, we demonstrate how QoE can be dynamically optimized in both network scenarios with two exemplary concepts, AquareYoum and FoG, respectively. Our results show how QoE management can truly improve the user experience while at the same time increase the efficiency of network resource allocation.


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Hoßfeld, Tobias / Liers, Florian / Schatz, Raimund / et al: Quality of experience management for YouTube. clouds, FoG and the AquareYoum. 2012.

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