Design and test of an imaging system for UWB breast cancer detection

Helbig, Marko GND; Dahlke, Katja GND; Hilger, Ingrid GND; Kmec, Martin; Sachs, Jürgen GND

Electromagnetic ultra-wideband (UWB) sensing and imaging provide perspectives for early-stage breast cancer detection. This paper deals with practical challenges of real measurements. We present an experimental setup for breast phantom trials based on M-sequence radar technology and short active dipole antennas. It combines short impulse responses, appropriate fidelity and very small antenna dimension and allows array construction with sufficient number of antennas around the breast. The basic approach and obtained imaging results are presented. Furthermore, in this extended paper version continuative development steps are described and measurement results reflecting specific performance aspects are discussed.


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Helbig, Marko / Dahlke, Katja / Hilger, Ingrid / et al: Design and test of an imaging system for UWB breast cancer detection. 2012.

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