Reconfigurable 4 × 4 switch matrix for Ka-band Geo-stationary satellite mission

Kaleem, Saqib; Humbla, Stefan GND; Müller, Jens GND; Rentsch, Sven GND; Stöpel, Dirk; Hein, Matthias GND

A 4 × 4 reconfigurable switch matrix based on low temperature co-fired ceramic technology for Geo-stationary satellite mission at Ka-band downlink frequencies (17–22 GHz) is presented. In comparison to its predecessor, the new generation of switch-matrix features augmented functionality whilst an overall reduced size (40%). The distinguished characteristics include the shifting of matching networks from top-layer into the embedded layers of the multilayer ceramic stack and the elimination of two external peripherals required to digitally control the bipolar current sources of the PIN-diodes based switch integrated circuits. As an additional functionality, four passive transparent paths between corresponding input and output are integrated within the module, to exhibit rudimentary transmission through the module in case of on-board power failure.


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Kaleem, Saqib / Humbla, Stefan / Müller, Jens / et al: Reconfigurable 4 × 4 switch matrix for Ka-band Geo-stationary satellite mission. 2012.

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