Algorithm for a high precision contactless measurement system

Nguyen, Tran-Trung; Amthor, Arvid GND; Ament, Christoph GND

This paper presents a Monte Carlo simulation of the self-calibration method for the multi laser tracker system (MLTS) which can track a retroreflector mounted on a kinematical system (e.g. positioning stage, robot manipulator etc.). Four laser trackers build up the MLTS. In the first part of the study the required algorithms enabling the MLTS to measure the position of the retroreflector are presented. The algorithms include the localization of the retroreflector, the communication between the laser trackers and the tracking controller as well as the calculation of the Tool Centre Point (TCP) position. In the second part of this study a deeper analysis of the self-calibration algorithm is carried out. A Monte Carlo simulation shows that the quality of the parameter estimation highly depends on the optimal arrangement of the MTLS.


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