Fundamentals of functional business valuation

Matschke, Manfred Jürgen; Brösel, Gerrit GND; Matschke, Xenia

After a brief overview of different company valuation theories, this paper presents the main functions (decision, arbitration, and argument or negotiation function) of company valuation according to the functional (i.e., purpose-oriented) theory. The main body of the paper focuses on the decision function and shows how the decision value can be derived as a subjective limit value that different economic agents assign to the company. Finally, the differences between the functional and the market value oriented theory of company valuation are discussed.


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Matschke Prof. Dr., M.J., Brösel Prof. Dr. rer. pol. habil., G., Matschke Prof. Dr., X., 2010. Fundamentals of functional business valuation. Journal of business valuation and economic loss analysis, Journal of business valuation and economic loss analysis 5, 2010, Article,7.
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