Metaphor. Embodied Cognition. Discourse

Hampe, Beate

This folder contains the contribution to the research project: Metaphor: From Embodied Cognition to Discourse (Beate Hampe), which brings together hitherto separate strands of investigation from embodied-cognition research on the one hand and discourse analysis on the other. Gesture studies (and other studies of multi-modal discourse)are seen as a vital link between the former two. Participants: Daniel Casasanto, Valentina Cuccio, Alice Deignan, Raymond W. Gibbs, Joseph E. Grady, Beate Hampe, Thomas W. Jensen, Francisco Ibanez Ruiz de Mendoza, Irene Mittelberg, Cornelia Müller, David Ritchie, Elena Semino, Gerard Steen



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