Microglia differentiation and cell therapie

Hinze, Arnd GND

Microglia Therapy: Diseases like Alzheimer or Multiple Sclerosis have been linked to a continuous deterioration of the resident microglia cell population. The brain, like other organs, also suffers from age related inflammation (“inflamm-aging”) and chronic activation of microglia. A cell therapy could aim to replace deteriorated microglia or to regulate the excessive activation of microglia in age. We wanted to differentiate microglia from adult stem cells (Paper 1 and 2) and to proof their function (phagocytosis, oxidative burst, migration). Then, we planned to transplant their progenitors and the differentiated microglia (Paper 3 and additional data). We also wanted to transplant mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) since MSC are known to regulate inflammation.


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Hinze, Arnd: Microglia differentiation and cell therapie. 2014.

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