Forwarding on Gates : A flexible and scalable inter-network layer supporting in-network functions

How to design an inter-network that is flexible regarding its features and scalable at the same time? How can such an inter-network satisfy requirements from applications and subnetworks dynamically? Can routing be more flexible and balance the wishes from end user and network operators? Is there a better world beyond current IP-networks? This book answers these questions by presenting a new architecture called "Forwarding on Gates" (FoG). It exploits the advantages of a recursive reference model and does not follow the traditional OSI reference model. FoG mixes connection-oriented and connectionless aspects dynamically in order to increase its efficiency. It enables a scalable function provisioning by a flexible distribution of states between network participants. Its routing can adjust itself to an optimal trade-off between CPU and memory usage. Moreover, FoG supports new business cases and opens up a market for network-related functions, at which function provider can offer their functions to function users.

Auch im Buchhandel erhältlich: Forwarding on Gates : a flexible and scalable inter-network layer supporting in-network functions / Florian Liers Ilmenau : Univ.-Verl. Ilmenau, 2014. - XII, 258 S. ISBN 978-3-86360-094-5 URN urn:nbn:de:gbv:ilm1-2013000657 Preis (Druckausgabe): 30,80 €


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