Tree-Automatic Well-Founded Trees

Huschenbett, Martin; Kartzow, Alexander GND; Liu, Jiamou; Lohrey, Markus GND

We investigate tree-automatic well-founded trees. Using Delhomme's decomposition technique for tree-automatic structures, we show that the (ordinal) rank of a tree-automatic well-founded tree is strictly below omega^omega. Moreover, we make a step towards proving that the ranks of tree-automatic well-founded partial orders are bounded by omega^omega^omega: we prove this bound for what we call upwards linear partial orders. As an application of our result, we show that the isomorphism problem for tree-automatic well-founded trees is complete for level Delta^0_{omega^omega} of the hyperarithmetical hierarchy with respect to Turing-reductions.


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Huschenbett M. Sc., M., Kartzow Dr. rer. nat., A., phil., L.Dr., 2013. Tree-Automatic Well-Founded Trees.
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