Zero dynamics and funnel control for linear electrical circuits

Berger, Thomas GND; Reis, Timo GND

We consider electrical circuits containing linear resistances, capacitances, inductances. The circuits can be described by differential-algebraic input-output systems, where the input consists of voltages of voltage sources and currents of current sources and the output consists of currents of voltage sources and voltages of current sources. We generalize a characterization of asymptotic stability of the circuit and give sufficient topological criteria for its invariant zeros being located in the open left half-plane. We show that asymptotic stability of the zero dynamics can be characterized by means of the interconnectivity of the circuit and that it implies that the circuit is high-gain stabilizable with any positive high-gain factor. Thereafter we consider the output regulation problem for electrical circuits by funnel control. We show that for circuits with asymptotically stable zero dynamics, the funnel controller achieves tracking of a class of reference signals within a pre-specified funnel; this means in particular that the transient behaviour of the output error can be prescribed and the funnel controller does neither incorporate any internal model for the reference signals nor any identification mechanism, it is simple in its design. The results are illustrated by a simulation of a discretized transmission line.


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