Fordistische Körper in der Geschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts – eine Skizze

Bänziger, Peter-Paul

Over the last few years, there has been an increasing interest in the concept of Fordism. It is no longer only used to describe a specific form of the organization of production. Rather, scholars stress the importance of a broader understanding. In my article, I pick up these discussions by showing, first, that a concept of Fordism only makes sense if the effects of the emerging consumer societies are seriously taken into account. Second, I argue in favor of a body history of Fordism, giving rise to the question as to what extent we might be able to speak of »Fordist bodies«. With reference to debates about periodization, third, I discuss how such an account fits into the history of industrialized societies since the late 19th century. By focusing on the discussion about post-Fordism, I argue that there is certainly some evidence for a »break« in the course of the 1960s and 1970s. Particularly from the perspective of body history, however, there are also indications that a reevaluation of the Fordist features of late-20th century societies is also called for.


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Bänziger, Peter-Paul: Fordistische Körper in der Geschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts – eine Skizze. 2013.

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