Integrated hybrid GRIN lenses

Hillenbrand, Matthias GND; Markweg, Eric; Hoffmann, Martin GND; Sinzinger, Stefan GND

The use of microsystems technology for the manufacturing of integrated on-wafer optical systems often leads to shape restrictions of the optical surfaces. To achieve full performance in integrated free-space optical systems, light propagation has to be controlled in two directions: In the plane of the wafer and perpendicular to it. We present novel hybrid gradient index (GRIN) elements that allow for independent control of the optical function in these two directions. A functional GRIN layer structure for beam shaping perpendicular to the wafer plane is realized by a parameter variation of a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) of silicon oxynitride. The optical functionality in the wafer plane can be achieved by a deep reactive ion etching process. The etched sidewalls in this case act as refractive or diffractive optical surfaces. Our work includes the discussion of this new hybrid concept, simulations, manufacturing as well as first experimental results.


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Hillenbrand, Matthias / Markweg, Eric / Hoffmann, Martin / et al: Integrated hybrid GRIN lenses. 2012.

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