Addition to : The quasi-Kronecker form for matrix pencils

Berger, Thomas GND; Trenn, Stephan GND

We refine a result concerning singular matrix pencils and the Wong sequences. In our recent paper (2) we have shown that the Wong sequences are sufficient to obtain a quasi-Kronecker form. However, we applied the Wong sequences again on the regular part to decouple the regular matrix pencil corresponding to the finite and infinite eigenvalues. The current paper is an addition to (2) which shows that the decoupling of the regular part can be done already with the help of the Wong sequences of the original matrix pencil. Furthermore, we show that the complete Kronecker canonical form (KCF) can be obtained with the help of the Wong sequences.


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Berger, T., Trenn, S., 2012. Addition to: The quasi-Kronecker form for matrix pencils.
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