Controllability of linear differential-algebraic systems - A survey

Different concepts related to controllability of differential-algebraic equations are described. The class of systems considered consists of linear differential-algebraic equations with constant coefficients. Regularity, which is, loosely speaking, a concept related to existence and uniqueness of solutions for any inhomogeneity, is not required in this article. The concepts of impulse controllability, controllability at infinity, behavioral controllability, strong and complete controllability are described and defined in time-domain. Equivalent criteria that generalize the Hautus test are presented and proved. Special emphasis is placed on normal forms under state space transformation and, further, under state space, input and feedback transformations. Special forms generalizing the Kalman decomposition and Brunovsky form are presented. Consequences for state feedback design and geometric interpretation of the space of reachable states in terms of invariant subspaces are proved.


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