Cooperative infotainment services platform for ambient assisted living

Hager, Markus; Hasan, Mais; Renhak, Karsten GND; Debes, Maik; Seitz, Jochen GND

According to the senescent society, the current demographic trend has a big challenge for development of new and better services for elderly people. Today, elderly people experience better health and sanity than elderly people some years ago. Therefore, there is a need for healthcare, infotainment, e-learning and other services that can satisfy the desires of this group. But the comparison of different learning platforms and currently developed or deployed architectures in this field identifies the absence of the combination between ambient assisted living and e-learning services. Our proposed solution called CrISP-AAL is to overcome this weakness. It uses the OpenAAL platform and consolidates services for ambient assisted living and e-learning. These services are optimized by exploiting context information obtained from the users. To gather context information, we utilize a network of sensors, which are disseminated through the environment or worn by users. The following paper describes two practical scenarios for using our CrISP-AAL system. It demonstrates that this system can support a humanly responsible and self-contained life for elderly people in a familiar environment and ensures their integration into society.


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Hager, Markus / Hasan, Mais / Renhak, Karsten / et al: Cooperative infotainment services platform for ambient assisted living. 2012.

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