Human capital and social capital in the entrepreneurial process

This dissertation is a compilation of papers on entrepreneurship which investigate related research questions. The unifying element of the different parts is the focus on two important concepts in entrepreneurship research, namely human capital and social capital. Briefly, the four main chapters deal with the origins of human and social capital, its use in different stages of the entrepreneurial process and its impact on entrepreneurial success. Regarding the two main concepts of this thesis, human capital is the central topic in Chapters 3 and 4. Thereby, Chapter 3 studies the origins of a specific aspect of human capital, namely the balance of skills and their performance effects in the nascent phase. The paper presented in Chapter 4 focuses on human capital in entrepreneurial teams. Specifically, the venture performance advantages and disadvantages of functional heterogeneity in the post-nascent phase are investigated. Chapters 2 and 5 are mainly dedicated to social capital. In Chapter 2 the role of regional characteristics in the formation of individual social capital as well as the subsequent impact of social capital on the decision to engage in concrete venture creation is studied. Chapter 5 sheds light on the use of social capital in the nascent phase and its performance implications in the post-nascent phase.


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