Large mode area fibers of multicore type and their modal properties

Schulze, Christian GND

Since the 1960s optical fibers gained evermore importance and are today well established in telecommunication, metrology and high power lasers. The content of transverse modes in such fibers determines the fundamental properties of the emerging beam. Therefore the work comprises the modal decomposition at a multicore fiber using computer-generated holograms, including different approaches for the calculation of modes in this special type of microstructured fiber. The modal power and modal polarization as a function of external disturbances, such as fiber bending or vertical pressure, is investigated, as well as the transmission characteristics of various input polarizations. Further subjects include the measurement of the beam quality and the demonstration of the Talbot effect.


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Schulze, Christian: Large mode area fibers of multicore type and their modal properties. Jena 2010.

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