Mikrosystembasierte Zellkultivierung und Zellmanipulation zur Applikation mechanischer Reize auf Zellen

Fröber, Ulrike GND

Die übergeordnete Fragestellung der vorliegenden Arbeit ist biomedizinischer Art und seit mehr als 150 Jahren anhängig: Wie verhalten sich Zellen unter definierter Belastung? In vivo ist die Beobachtung zellulärer Prozesse bisher nicht ohne invasive Methoden möglich. Das verlangt nach einer Lösung in vitro, welche die natürlichen Bedingungen adäquat nachahmt und gleichzeitig optimale Bedingungen für die Beobachtung und Beeinflussung der Prozesse bietet. Dass sich dafür Mikrosysteme mit einer angepassten Peripherie eignen, wird in dieser Arbeit nachgewiesen.

The motivating question underlying this work is generated by life sciences, pending for more than 150 years: How do cells behave under defined load? In vivo it is not possible to monitor subsiding cellular processes without the use of invasive methods. This demands for a solution in vitro, which mimics natural conditions adequately and offers optimized conditions for observation and manipulation at the same time. For this purpose BioMEMS (Bio Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) for cell are suitable. By means of analysis of state of the art for conventional macro and for micro system based cell cultivation and manipulation, requirements from cells and from users of such systems are defined. A micro system with a cultivation camber, tube connectors, an integrated scaffold, an optical and a mechanical access and other components forms the backbone of the entire system. It is completed by peripheral modules for supply of cells under adequate environmental conditions, observation of cells and processes and manipulation of cells and technical components. This configuration is explained in detail by exemplary realizations. Cell cultivation outside an incubator is feasible, securing biocompatibility. Considerations of the application of stimuli on cells are founded on this newly developed infrastructure. Existing macroscopic and microscopic methods may be adapted to the system, realizations are suggested. The performance of the entire system is discussed with reference to results of technical and biological tests. As result of the documented developmental process now a system exists, which after integration of cell-specific loading methods can be used by life scientists conduce to answer questions on cellular behavior.

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Fröber, U., 2011. Mikrosystembasierte Zellkultivierung und Zellmanipulation zur Applikation mechanischer Reize auf Zellen. Universitätsverlag Ilmenau, Ilmenau.
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