2009,10 : Darwinism in economics and the evolutionary theory of policy-making

Schubert, Christian GND

According to the advocates of a "Generalized Darwinism" (GD), the three core Darwinian principles of variation, selection and retention (or inheritance) can be used as a general framework for the development of theories explaining evolutionary processes in the socioÿ­economic domain. Even though these are originally biological terms, GD argues that they can be re-defined in such a way as to abstract from biological particulars. We argue that this approach does not only risk to misguide positive theory development, but that it may also impede the construction of a coherent evolutionary approach to "policy implications". This is shown with respect to the positive, instrumental and normative theories such an approach is supposed to be based upon. -- Evolution ; Selection ; Darwinism ; Ontology ; Continuity Hypothesis ; Evolutionary Theory of Policy-Making


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Schubert, Christian: 2009,10. Darwinism in economics and the evolutionary theory of policy-making. 2010.

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