The usage of Ontology Enriched Metadata in a Mobile Context

Sommer, Nikolaus Daniel

Abstract (engl.):
This thesis is examining the use of ontologies in a mobile context. In the first part it is examining ontologies, mobile devices, tagging and the semantic web. After that it discusses two use cases for ontologies in a mobile context: Use case I investigates how it is possible to submit information to a professional service provider, using ontologies for tagging. The information gets submitted using a mobile Device. The use of ontologies as metadata allows the receiving service provider an automated pre processing of the submitted information. Therefore this thesis investigates the UML use cases, the requirements and suggests details of an implementation of an application, providing a service model and an object model for the different parts of the application. This recommendation was partly implemented in a prototype, which gets presented as well. The second use case investigates how ontologies can be used for describing the abilities of small devices (e.g. supported documents, screen size). his research has the aim of providing a wider interoperability of different mobile devices, by allowing a communication based on the abilities of the devices. Therefore the thesis investigates the description of the abilities of mobile devices using Ontologies and reasoning support. Finally it provides thoughts on the implementation of an application for this scenario.

Ilmenau, Techn. Univ., Diplomarbeit, 2010


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Sommer, Nikolaus Daniel: The usage of Ontology Enriched Metadata in a Mobile Context. 2010.

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