Integrated micro-optics for microfluidic systems

Amberg, Martin; Eriksson, Emma; Enger, Jonas; Goksör, Matthias; Hanstorp, Dag; Sinzinger, Stefan GND

Generation of multiple traps within a microfluidic channel is a subject with practical applications e.g. in life sciences. In the approach presented here a diffractive optical element, integrated in the channel walls, is used to generate the necessary spot pattern.


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Amberg, M., Eriksson, E., Enger PhD, J., Goksör PhD, M., Hanstorp Prof., D., Sinzinger Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil., S., DGaO-Jahrestagung, (Wroclaw), ., 2009. Integrated micro-optics for microfluidic systems. DGaO-Proceedings, DGaO-Proceedings 106, 2005, P33.
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