Ergonomic design of user guides in multimedia environments with remote controls and onscreen displays

Lutherdt, Stefan GND; Kurtz, Peter GND

During a project period of three years a new type of remote control and onscreen display was developed after a process of compares and analysis of present remote controls and multimedia devices. This project was initiated by a German producer of consumer electronics. The usability and user acceptance was tested and added by questionnaires. The characteristic of this system is a remote control with only one control element and an according concertedly developed onscreen display. This new onscreen display is marked that the motion of the thumb on the surface of the sensor pad produces a conformable motion inside the display. All operational functions are integrated in 4 menus at both sides, top and bottom of the screen. The user testing had shown that haptic elements are well suitable to fulfil the requirements of supporting the user by imprinted user routines and avoidance of visual control of the usage.


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