Specific I/O-devices for several handicapped and elderly

Lutherdt, Stefan; Kurtz, Peter; Fröber, Ulrike; Witte, Hartmut

To fulfil the requirements of several user groups with the need of assistance in tourist activities and regions an assistance system was developed. The user frontend is realised by a handheld device combined with additional features matched to the user specifics. The system assures a optimal presentation of the needed information by a easy to learn and easy to use new gesture-based GUI. This and the additional specific I/O-devices and components provide the IT-Biocompatibility. These add-ons are adaptors for wireless transfer to hearing aids, vibro-tactile belts or accumulators and sensors for measuring of vital parameters.


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Lutherdt, Stefan / Kurtz, Peter / Fröber, Ulrike / et al: Specific I/O-devices for several handicapped and elderly. 2008.

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