The design of a tourist assistance system for several handicapped and elderly

Fröber, Ulrike GND; Lutherdt, Stefan GND; Stiller, Carsten; Roß, Fred; Witte, Hartmut GND; Kurtz, Peter GND

By use of knowledge from biomedical engineering, ergonomics, information and communication technologies as well as from robotics and mechatronics an assistance system for several handicapped and elderly is in development. The aim of the project called TAS (Tourist Assistance System) was the development and exemplary assembly of an assistance system for people with impairments as an access support to previously bad or not reachable tourism offers. It was implemented into a chosen model region in Thuringia / Germany. One of the main principles in this project was to use, combine and adapt market available components of the abovementioned technical areas. In this paper the design process of the assistance system and its main components and functions are described.


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