Contunuous tall tower multispecies measurements in Europe for quantifying and understanding land-atmosphere carbon exchange

Atmospheric measurements are a tool to quantify greenhouse gas fluxes into and out of the atmosphere and to understand the underlying processes. This thesis presents measurements of greenhouse gases and related tracers from a new continental monitoring station. Within the frame of the European project CHIOTTO, I was responsible to instrument a new tall tower monitoring station for atmospheric greenhouse gases and tracers related to the carbon cycle. For this purpose an analysis system for continuous, in-situ measurements of CO2, CH4, CO, N2O and SF6 mole fractions and O2/N2 ratio was designed and built at MPI-BGC, based around commercially available analysers. The challenge was to obtain a reliable, automatic system, which can run continuously without assistance, and to fulfill at the same time the high precision requirements for all the measured species. In July 2005 the measurement system was brought into operation at the final location, the tall tower station near Bialystok, in Eastern Poland.


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