Managing academic education through dynamic storyboarding

Dohi, Shinichi; Sakurai, Yoshitaka; Tsuruta, Setsuo; Knauf, Rainer GND

Complex long term learning activities may be exhausting, tiring and sometimes even frustrating. In high level education such as university studies, there is a system of offers, rules, requests and prerequisites, which need to be matched with students' needs and desires. University students need assistance in the jungle of opportunities and limitations at today's universities. Here, we employ our formerly developed storyboard concept to face this problem and introduce a storyboard to develop, maintain, and evaluate academic education. Storyboarding is based on the idea of formally representing, processing, evaluating and refining didactic knowledge. It is more powerful in managing education than general AI knowledge representations such as frames, because the syntax of storyboards is driven by the particular nature of didactic knowledge. The concept is a supplement to the educational system (called Dynamic Learning Needs Reflection System: DLNRS) of the School of Information Environment of Tokyo Denki University, Japan. Concretely speaking, the didactic knowledge of DLNRS can be represented by storyboard and used for supporting dynamic learning activities of students.


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