Application of supercontinuum to spectroscopy

Schimpf, Damian GND

The present availability of excitation wavelengths imposes limitations on fluorescence imaging, particularly for confocal microscopy. This diploma thesis concerns the application of novel fibre-based tunable continuum sources to multidimensional fluorescence microscopy. These sources can provide broad spectral coverage and are spatially coherent so they are suitable for confocal microscopy. They are inherently pulsed on ultra-fast timescales and so are also suitable for fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) and related time-resolved imaging modalities. Compared to frequency-doubling and optical parametric amplification using the tunable Ti:sapphire laser, this approach is less complex, less expensive, and more compact.


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Schimpf, D.N., 2005. Application of supercontinuum to spectroscopy. Jena.
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